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NEW ! Shirley's interview with North Shore Magazine November 2014

NEXT SHIRLEY SHOW .... July 15, Friday - SurfSide 978-463-9222, Salisbury, MA 9:00-12:30  

"Guys, we were driving home last night and thought we would stop at rock pond to see our favorite band play a few songs. 11:30 and the parking lot was full and cars were parked on the side of 97! Way to go! We've never seen it hopping like that!!! Congrats on another fantastic gig. You guys are so much fun and obviously the word is out! Good for you!" ............ Quote from a Shirley Fan

Nielsen's deadpan response to the question "Surely, you can't be serious?" with "I am serious -- and don't call me Shirley" helped launch a second career.


By the CNN Wire Staff

November 29, 2010 11:33 a.m. EST

Don’t Call Me Shirley plays contemporary, popular, and classic hits from the 1950’s to today’s favorites.  We play popular music from a cross section of many genres and decades. DCMS is "a wicked fun band" that entertains music lovers with a wide range of tastes from Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash of the 50' to The Beatles & The Stones of the 60's, from The Doobie Brothers & Creedence Clearwater Revival of the 70's to Billy Idol & Tommy Tutone of the 80's, from Sublime & Matchbox 20 of the 90's to Ben Harper and Bare Naked Ladies of the 00's, and Foster The People & Neon Trees of the 10's.  Shirley is a truly entertaining party band for the local lounge or the backyard blow-out, your favorite night club or a surprise party to remember. Check out our unique and signature Mash-Ups.

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